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Why did you want to become a governor at North Ealing primary School?

It is clear that North Ealing is a school that wants all children to be safe, happy and proud of their achievements. I feel that we are very lucky to have a school like this in our community and I wanted to help it to continue to flourish.

What do you think you bring to North Ealing primary School? 

I work for the Department for Education and my job requires me to work with a wide range of stakeholders: schools, head teachers, local authorities, school improvement organisations and Ministers. My work allows me a comprehensive overview of the educational landscape, knowledge of how other schools deal with pertinent issues, and insight into the challenges that might be on the horizon.

What are your interests in education (SEN, Business, Literacy etc….)?

My overriding belief is that every child, despite their starting point or background, has access to the same opportunities and is helped and motivated to achieve their very best. For me, it is about how we ensure that every single child leaves primary school having had the best possible experience.  They should be excited about the next stage and fully ready to meet the challenge of high school.

I’m also interested in how we ensure a positive response to the changing patterns of education while ensuring continuity and support for children, teachers and parents.

Brief history of my life - Home

I was born in Belfast in 1974 and moved to England in 1989 at the age of 15. I’ve lived in Ealing since 1996 with a break of a few years to live in Sydney.  I’ve lived with my husband in Pitshanger since our twin girls were born in 2005. They were born a bit early so Rich was left to move us all in single-handed while we were all relaxing in hospital. Both girls are now in Year 4.


I spent the first ten years of my working life working for advertising agencies - first in London, then in Sydney.  As I got older, I became increasingly keen to move into public service and was offered a job with Department for Education in 2004.  I’ve worked in a variety of posts for a number of different Ministers and across different administrations.  It has been exciting/frustrating/rewarding by turn.


Pitshanger Lane, Ealing, London W5 1RP

Tel: 020-8997-2653


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