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Why did you decide to become a Governor at North Ealing Primary School?

My twins joined the school in nursery. One has Special Educational Needs.  The school was and continues to be really supportive of the diverse needs of both my children. They have both blossomed during their time at North Ealing.  Having this wide experience of the school, I hoped I could represent a broad parental view and really wanted to 'give something back' to the school.

What do you think that Governors can bring to North Ealing Primary School?

Governors bring a number of different perspectives to the way the school operates. These different ways of looking at things can only be a good thing in my opinion.  They stop the school from getting stuck in a rut and instead introduce dynamic new procedures and ways of operating.

What are your interests in Education

As the mother of a child with SEN, I'm obviously very interested in this area and keen to see an environment where all children reach their full potential.  Having been through years of Speech and Language Therapy with my son, I'm also very interested in this aspect of EYFS.

As a writer, I understand how important literacy is, not merely to function in the world but as a tool to open up a child's world view and imagination.

Brief history of your career, life and background

I had a very happy childhood, growing up in Hayes.  I left school at sixteen but very quickly got bored of not learning! I worked in Southall Unemployment Benefit Office but also went to night school to get my A'levels. Eventually I got into University and have worked in television drama ever since. I was a Scriptwriter until my twins were born prematurely, six years ago.  Because of the various hurdles this threw up, it's only now been possible for me to return to work.

I've been with my husband, Jamie, for the last twenty years. We've lived in quite a number of places, in England and abroad but were very happy we settled in Pitshanger four years ago.


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