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Andrew Dharman

Why did you decide to become a Governor at North Ealing Primary School?

An effective governing body is crucial to the success and direction of a school. I want to be an engaged member of the team that facilitates the school achieving an Ofsted “outstanding” rating. As a parent who has 1 daughter in reception and 3 sons who will be attending the school, I feel the future of the school is my utmost priority. I am an enthusiastic person who loves living in the local community. This is an ideal opportunity for me to give back in a voluntary capacity. As a local GP my skills are primarily healthcare related but also in governance matters in general. I hope to bring this perspective to the leadership of the school.

I believe Primary school education is vital for building the foundation for children to develop into successful and responsible young adults. Working with parents is key to achieving this. As a Governor I think one has a unique and important opportunity to positively influence this process.

What do you think that Governors can bring to North Ealing Primary School?

Governors bring an overall sense of leadership and direction. The committee has the freedom to think strategically and it’s these ideas that can shape a school for a better future. As a medical professional, governance is a key part of my day. In terms of school governance health, safeguarding and personnel are all areas I am familiar with. Support and recognition of outstanding behaviours should be recognised and encouraged. In my opinion empowerment of staff and a sense of ownership is key.

I think as a Governor one has to lead by example and my family and education are paramount for me. My wife and I take turns to drop our children off at school / playgroup. We engage staff and parents alike. I have also spoken at nursery and reception assembly about health and introduced equipment that children may encounter at a Doctors surgery to demystify the experience.

What are your interests in Education

My main interests in Education are in performance management from a whole school perspective. A lot of my work as a GP is performance managed and involves achieving better outcomes for my patients eg lowering blood pressure. My work is evidence based and this applies to school practices also. As a medical professional equal opportunities from a SEN perspective is important and I again I have experience and interest in the areas of child health and safeguarding earlier.

Brief history of your career, life and background

I am a local General Practitioner and studied at Guys and St Thomas’s Medical School in London and lived in North London for most of my life. I am the Educational Lead of the North and West London Faculty of the Royal College of GPs. I am married and have 4 small children. My oldest is in reception and my second child will be starting nursery at North Ealing in September 2015. I am a keen car enthusiast and attend several car shows every year. I have restarted training at Gurnell Leisure centre and jog round Pitshanger Park to keep fit. As a keen sportsman I believe the role of physical fitness and health goes hand in hand with mental fitness and ability.


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