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Nimo Richmond

Why did you decide to become a Governor at North Ealing Primary School?

I believe primary school education is vital for building the foundation for our children to develop into competent, content and responsible adults. Working with the Headteacher, Teachers and Parents is key to achieving this. Being a Governor provides a unique and important opportunity to positively influence this process.   

An effective governing body is crucial to the success and direction of a school. I enjoy being an active member of a team that facilitates the school working at its best.  As a parent who loves living in the local community, and has lived in the community since childhood, this is an ideal opportunity for me to give back in a voluntary capacity.


What do you think that Governors can bring to North Ealing Primary School?

Governors bring an overall sense of leadership, team work and direction to the due process. As a director of my own company, I hope to bring a collaborative leadership style to the school's leadership team. The governing body has the freedom to think strategically and look at the bigger picture. Our experience and expertise can shape the school for a better future. As a professional, leading and implementing is a key part of my working day and I bring this expertise to the table.

What are your interests in Education

My main interests in education are in performance management from a whole school perspective. A lot of my work as a Director and operational manager is about effective performance and value for money.


Brief history of your career, life and background

I grew up in Ealing and have a BA (hons) Business Admin.  I am married with two children and enjoy an active local social and work life.  I am proud of my African heritage and believe it is vital for us all to pass on the importance of our family history to our children, as well as what it means to live in Ealing.

I am an experienced senior CRM Manager and Client Advisor, with 15 years working in system implementation, development and maintenance.  I have specialised in user adoption, cultural change management, and especially training. My recent projects include: re-positioning of CRM internally (including upgrades and the rollout of InterAction IMO), the implementation of Vuture VX, and the creation of a robust database designed to better record, and provide greater access to, the firm's experience globally.

Having worked for, and alongside, many different clients within the Legal and Publishing Sectors, I have accumulated vast business and operational knowledge. As a result, I am able to plan and manage cost and risk within international structures, establishing best practice and bringing strong alignment of business and CRM technologies to match strategic goals.


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