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Sarah Byrne


Why did you decide to become a Governor at North Ealing Primary School?

I really value, and am an enthusiastic member of the community and the school. I have a daughter in year 2, who loves the school and a son who is 3 that it is our intention will soon attend.  As all parents/guardians do, I want my children to receive the best education possible and supporting the school and our community as a governor, I believe is my way of contributing to this and giving back to our community.


What do you think that Governors can bring to North Ealing School?

As a teacher I am very aware of the challenges our children face with the enormous changes to the National Curriculum, which effects all years in current schooling. I fully understand and have witnessed in my own profession how important the role of parent(s) /guardian(s) is to the success of pupils’ outcomes. This supportive role can make a massive difference to a childs’ educational performance in school. I hope with my professional experience as a teacher, and as a parent I can support the school as it meets all these curriculum demands our children now face.


What are your interests in Education?

As a teacher I enjoy working with young people and find the profession consuming but very rewarding. In my experience all pupils respond positively, if they know you care, and you provide an exciting, safe supportive learning environment with a clear behaviour policy.


I am a Head of Art, Graphics and Textiles at Featherstone High School, Southall, a school which has been Ofsted Outstanding since 2006 and I have worked in a number of different roles which include Art teacher and Teacher Developer in last 14 years at this school. In this time I have been part of two successful Outstanding Ofsted Inspections. As a teacher I am very interested providing the best education for all children. It is the role of the teacher to embrace all pupils learning styles to stretch and challenge our most able pupils whilst supporting and scaffolding work for our SEN and EAL pupils; all in a safe and happy learning environment. I believe that excellent communication channels between parents/guardians together with rigorously tracking progress can help to maximise pupils’ ability.


Brief history of your career, life and background?

I have been married for ten years. I met my husband in Ealing. I moved to Pitshanger with my husband shortly after the birth of my daughter. We have lived just off the lane for the last 6 years where we have embraced and enjoyed this family friendly community which we love and want to support. I decided to return to work four days a week after Isabelle’s birth and gave up my role as teacher developer but after the birth of my son I reduced my work life balance to just three days a week but have been fortunate to receive the support of my head teacher and maintain the management of the department. I enjoy drinking coffee’s in local cafes, going out and about in Ealing and London with my family and friends. I attempt to stay fit by running around the park and going to a weekly fitness class.



Pitshanger Lane, Ealing, London W5 1RP

Tel: 020-8997-2653


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