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AU Agreements

Parent/Carer form only

You are required to read and accept the latest Acceptable Use policy for North Ealing School - which is necessary to the safeguarding of pupils and staff in all matters regarding the use of technology in schools . This includes the use of phones, the internet and accessibility to materials. The policies are easily found on the school website under the e-safety tab. They are located in the folder 'AU Agreements 2015-16'. There will be no paper copies to sign this year.


By acknowledging this message, you will be indicating your awareness of these policies and their content. We will, additionally, be holding several e-safety meetings/discussions during the year relevant to all age groups in the school.


N.Mehew (E-Safety co-ordinator)

This form is for parents/carers only.



Please complete and click send to acknowledge you have read one of the above agreements.



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